Introduction to The Siemens Vanderbilt SPC intruder alarm range 

The Siemens Vanderbilt SPC intruder alarm range are our product of choice for commercial and domestic applications. It comes packed full of features like app connectivity, home automation, wireless security and CCTV integration to name a few. The SPC range is sure to impress and with their choice impressive keypads there is one to suit. The SPC4320 is sure to ticks all the boxes and therefore we recommend this alarm system to our customers.


It comes with the SPCK420.100 keypad as standard which is a compact slim-line keypad and is one of the smallest in its class. Other upgrade options are available with the SPCK620.100 and the SPCK520.100. These come with optional audio and tag readers, the proximity tag can be used to set and unset the alarm.

The SPC4320 comes with an on-board webserver which enables the panel to be controlled remotely from either an app on your IOS or Android phone or from your laptop

Other features include

Scalable system
Embedded web server
Multi-panel remote user management
Access control integration
Audio/Video Verification features
Wireless functionality
Multi-language support

Siemens Vanderbilt SPC Keypad
Siemens Vanderbilt SPC intruder alarm

The App

PC Connect is a cloud-based solution that enables users to manage their SPC panels remotely from anywhere in the world. It can be downloaded free of charge from either the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

The app works seamlessly on both platforms and is very easy to use. It allows the user to fully control their alarm system and in the event of an activation to receive detailed notifications of the event.
The SPC Connect app will allow you to carry out tasks such as controlling doors/gates, setting or un-setting an alarm, or isolating a zone.

SPC Connect

Visual & Audible Deterrent

The Deltabell Plus with Backlight is a external sounder that provides both a audible and a visual deterrent for your property.

Get it installed today to keep the burglars at bay….

The Deltabell Plus is a fully backlit external sounder that, when an alarm occurs will create an effective visual alarm on your property, as well as produce a distinctive audible warning.